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    Notice in the process of copper wire drawing in summer

    [   Date:2016-9-18 13:01:53   Visits:  ]

    1 raw materials - many companies to buy raw materials often without any packaging, so buy red black is inevitable. Although we in the drawing process, the surface oxide layer will also peeling off, there is no strong evidence to show that there is a link of raw materials and finished product line oxidation oxidation, but from my personal perspective to suggest suppliers pay attention to packaging and ensure that the product is not because I think that oxidation, oxidation in the thin line during the break will be significantly increased, perhaps to oxide impurities mixed in it.
    2 wire drawing process, each link bus is not put into production before, hoping to wrap with anti rust paper, and even ordinary paper recycling can also be;
    3 in the production process, the amount of wire drawing oil shortage, especially many companies do not have a regular management of the pipeline pump, prone to clogging;
    4 drawing, employee negligence, valve is not fully open, or forget to open, which directly affects the copper cooling, even immediately change;
    5 wire drawing die without regular management, drawing die entrance copper accumulation is serious, resulting in drawing oil did not play a role of cooling and lubrication;
    6 wire drawing oil pH value fluctuation, the proposed control in about 9;
    7 finished product, must be wrapped with anti rust paper as soon as possible, you do not long time naked.
    8 employees don't hand contact wire;
    9 must be in accordance with the provisions of the speed of production, wire drawing machine is strictly prohibited speeding;
    Finally stressed the two words "management"

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